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Regular attendance
Regular check-ups can help to prevent tooth and gum problems and to keep your smile in tip-top shape.  The more regularly you have your teeth cleaned and checked, the easier and faster your dental appointments will be, which is why we recommend 6 monthly check-ups.  Remember that your teeth are designed to last a lifetime!  A bit of care today will translate to healthy teeth and gums tomorrow.
Our services range from simple check-ups and cleans through to complex implants. Through our dentists, visiting surgeons and vast referral network, we can service your every need.
Today's techniques ensure your treatment will be as efficient and painless as possible. Of course, everyone experiences the same situation differently, but we believe you’ll notice that your visit was much easier than you expected.  We love to be gentle, and although we can arrange a mild sedative if you need it, we find that almost all of our patients don't.