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TMJ and Bruxism

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMJ is a chronic degenerative disease denoting an imbalance in the jaw-to-skull relationship, often caused by a bad bite, or malocclusion.
When your jaw is misaligned it affects both the hard and soft tissues, resulting in many problems, such as headaches and migraines, jaw pain, neck and shoulder pain, tinnitus, or popping or clicking sounds in the jaw joint.
Penshurst Dental can carry out neuromuscular dentistry to place the jaw into its optimal position, relieving the symptoms associated with TMJ. 

Bruxism is the premature wearing of teeth due to excessive grinding and clenching during sleep, which causes teeth sensitivity, facial pain and headaches.  Stress is often a major factor in bruxism, but the good news is it can easily be treated through the provision of a splint.
Scheduling regular check-up appointments with the Penshurst Dental team will enable us to detect signs of bruxism at an early stage, and develop an appropriate solution that best suits you.